ALARO-1 Working days 2014

ZAMG, Vienna, Austria, 12 - 14 May 2014


Programme (version 8 May )

List of participants

Practical information

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Neva Pristov: Welcome
Piet Termonia: Introduction
Jean-Francois Geleyn:  Overview of last two years

Jan Masek, Jean-François Geleyn: Radiative transfer problem in NWP context
Jan Masek: Progress in radiation since the last ALARO-1 Working Days
Jan Masek: Overview of ACRANEB2 baseline version

Turbulence-Diffusion TOUCANS
Ivan Bašták Ďurán: TOUCANS overview (introduction, progres in last 2 years)
Ivan Bašták Ďurán: Extension of TOUCANS towards higher order solutions - updated parametrisation of TOMs and prognostic TPE
Jean-François Geleyn: Entropy-cycle-related shallow convection closure
Ivan Bašták Ďurán: Pre-operational choices - choice of turbulent scheme emulation, moist aspects, prognostic TTE and  Length-scale, ...

Precipitations aspects
Radmila Brožková: WGNE grey zone experiment
Michiel Van Ginderachte: Selected issues on microphysics

Convection - novelties in 3MT
Radmila Brožková: Scale dependency of 3MT closure and adaptive detrainment
Luc Gerard: Representing deep convection at `high' resolution
Luc Gerard: The unsaturated downdraught in ALARO-1

Moist physics
Jean-François Geleyn: Moist-physics aspects: ALARO-1 and more general perspectives

Daan Degrauwe: Physics organization: cleaning and convergence
Clemens Wastl: Orographic radiation parameterization
Laura Rontu: Radiation and aerosols in HFS

Christoph Wittmann: ALARO-0 experience in Austria
Pieter De Meutter: ALARO-0 experience in Belgium
Martina Tudor: ALARO-0 experience in Croatia
Dávid Lancz: ALARO-0 experience in Hungary
Joao Rio: ALARO-0 experience in Portugal
Doina Banciu: ALARO-0 experience in Romania
Jure Cedilnik: ALARO-0 experience in Slovenia
Mária Derková: ALARO-0 experience in Slovakia
Alper Guser: ALARO-0 experience in Turkey

David Lindstedt: ALARO-0 and Harmonie in climate simulations
Mikhail Tolstykh: ALARO in global Semi-Lagrangian Atmospheric Model