Term of References (TOR) of Area Leaders:

RC LACE Area Leader (AL) is a three-quarter-time position. AL acts under the responsibility of Programme Manager. The duties of the Area Leader are:

  • AL is responsible for the preparation of the Scientific Plan together with the Programme Manager.
  • AL proposes Projects and defines scientific, technical and organizational background for the Projects.
  • AL can be responsible for one or several Projects at the same time.
  • AL is responsible for coordinating the scientific work belonging to his/her area of research, for supervising RC LACE scientists working on associated topics and for performing a scientific watch on relevant issues, all this in order to accomplish the Scientific Plan and contribute to steer its evolution.
  • AL has the responsibility of presenting progress reports on these tasks to RC LACE Steering Committee.
  • AL leads Projects and coordinates a dedicated manpower and other means necessary for the fulfilment of the Projects.
  • AL is responsible for the execution of the Projects and delivering the results.
  • AL designs, organizes and leads other research activities, which are not organised in a Project form.
  • AL is responsible to organise the individual and/or research group stays in co-operation with the Programme Manager.
  • AL is responsible for the applicability of the R & D results in ALADIN. In coordination with ALADIN-LACE System Coordinator the AL will be responsible for implementation of the relevant developments to the ALADIN library.
  • AL participates in inter-consortia coordination activities